Convergia adopts a holistic approach and deployment towards learning outcomes designed for students by offering in school and after school solutions. Aligned to market requirements, Convergia offers integrated curriculum solutions that cover K-12 school segment through 2 key products Learnflix and Mylestone. Both these products have salient features such as teacher’s handbook with day-to-day lesson plans for teachers, online class delivery with assessments and reports, teacher and student progress tracker, e books, resource kits and an app for students and teachers.

Convergia’s solution for and is aligned to the market .
  • Teacher handbook with day-to-day lesson plans

  • Course books and practice books

  • Mapped digital content.

  • Online class delivery, assessments, teacher and student progress tracker

  • Resource kit and Implementation support

  • Student and teacher app

  • Engaging instructional modules

  • Test with varied difficulty level

  • Ebooks from renowned authors

  • Reports for teachers and parents.

  • At 1/10th of price as compared to competitors

  • Personalized Remedial

Mylestone a complete integrated solution to the schools that makes students learn better through empowered teaching and easy learning. It is an integrated curriculum solution for K-8 segment with print and digital components coupled with strong and effective delivery support. Mylestone curriculum is aligned with an interactive mobile application Mylestone App.

aSmart curriculum with the right blend of digital technology and pedagogy.
bTechnology integrated platform for teachers, students & parents.
cReal-time tracking of school academics to track progress & identify gaps for corrective measures.
dTeaching resources in the form of course book, practice book, teacher handbook, animation, and videos to explain the concepts.
eEngaging & effective lesson plans with digital resources.
fCreate and assign assessments in an online and pen and paper format.
gLive Classes.
hMultiple reports and student performance analytics.
iNotification & Announcement for individual students.

A process enabling Empowered Teaching and Easy Learning in the classrooms

Learnflix, a personalised learning app for classes 6th – 10th takes learning one step ahead by providing advanced individualized learning. Learnflix has been designed with a Spiral Learning Pedagogy, that ensures all concepts are well learnt, revised, practiced, and assessed.

Different learning tools available with the flexibility to choose the time, place and pace of learning

Reinforcement of previous learning at every step

Seek help from ebooks for concept clarity

Practice through unlimited practice exercises and tests

Learn from to-the-point revision summaries

Extremely focused and guided analytics to help students, teachers and parents to monitor performance

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